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What is difference TIG and Cold Welding the Same?

What is Cold Welding?

Cold welding is a type of welding that uses little or no heat to join metals together. Instead, cold welding relies on pressure and friction to weld two pieces of metal together.

This method is often used for joining dissimilar metals, as there is no risk of contamination from the welding process. Cold welding can also be used when you need a solid weld, as the welding process creates no heat-affected zone (HAZ).

There are two main methods of cold welding: cold metal transfer and contact welding. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

The first method is contact welding. In this process, both pieces of metal are cleaned, and the oxide is removed. They are then placed in direct contact with each other, and pressure is applied with enough force to cause the metals’ grain to bond.

The second method is cold metal transfer (CMT), which is a low-voltage, low heat technique for different welding types of metals with various thicknesses. This process was primarily used on thin sheet metal, but it’s also used on thicker materials.

When metals are overheated during traditional welding processes, their structural properties can compromise, resulting in distortion or cracking.

However, CMT helps limit this by using only the minimum amount of heat needed at any given time, ensuring better quality welds without adversely affecting the material structural integrity.

Cold metal transfer is often used in applications where a high degree of accuracy is required, such as manufacturing medical devices and microelectronics.

The main difference is that TIG welding uses heat to weld metals together, while cold welding does not. Cold welding is often used for joining dissimilar metals or when a very strong weld is needed.

However, it’s important to note that contact cold welding can only be done on clean, polished surfaces. – so, if you’re looking to weld something dirty or rusted, TIG welding is your best bet.

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